Marksheet Software 2019 | CCE Result Making Software Sikkim
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Marksheet Software 2019 | CCE Result Making Software Sikkim


This software is only for the Government Schools of Sikkim

About Marksheet Software 2019

Welcome to the brand new Marksheet Software 2019, which is a result making application. This application was built as per the CCE guidelines and latest notification of Detention Policy issued by the Government of Sikkim, especially, for Government schools of Sikkim. In other states of India, the software may not be appropriate as their schools, so, please try free version and have a test and then make a purchase.

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The following are the features, which are inbuilt only in the pro-version of Marksheet Software 2019.

  1. The application is created as per the guidelines of CCE.
  2. School Details (School Name, Address, Estd., UDISE code, Head of Institution, Email, website, etc.) and logo can be customized as per your own school.
  3. It is a complete solution for making Progress Report Card from LKG to VIII.
  4. It supports 500 plus entries in a single class. [If you have two or more sections of any class, you can combine them in the same class. E.g., class VI-A has 30 students and VI-B has 25 students, you can combine them in the same class. And total students will be 55. ]
  5. It has a login system. Making entries are allowed to anyone under a particular class teacher using User ID and Password of the class.
  6. Passing Criteria; subject consideration and minimum passing marks can be customized for every class.
  7. School Reopening Date can be set as After Summer Vacation and New Session.
  8. Result remarks (Pass and Fail Text) can be edited for every class.
  9. Class Teacher's Remarks can be set to auto and manual for every class.
  10. Grading can be set to 8 Letter or 5 Letter grading schemes for every class.
  11. Class Rank/Position can be set to whole class or customized to a certain number for every class. Position will be given to only pass students.
  12. Changeable Result Format is available for Class VI to VIII; Periodic System and Formative System Result Format.
  13. Maximum Subject limits: Class LKG & UKG = Four Subjects; Class I to V = Six Subjects; Class VI to VIII = Eight Subjects.
  14. Additional Subjects are customizable. For class VI to VIII, you can add only two additional subjects and for class I to V, you can add only one additional subject, but you cannot set an additional subject to a particular class only.
  15. Yoga for Part-B is customizable, it is applied to the classes from III to VIII but cannot be applied to a particular class only. You can remove and add the subject.
  16. Re-applying the same setting to existing records of every class.
  17. Available an inbuilt converter for converting marks.
  18. Printing and Print Preview are also available.
  19. Import and Export Record options are available. It is greatly effective when this application is used by all the class teachers in their respective systems. Through import and export, you can collect and save the results of all classes in the main system.
  20. The software is allowed to use on different computers as you want in a single product key. But the product key is workable for only one school.
Subject combination for Part A:

LKG & UKG 1. English 2. Vernacular 3. Mathematics 4. E.V.S.

I to V 1. English 2. Vernacular 3. Mathematics 4. E.V.S. 5. Hindi 6. GK (Optional/Additional)

VI to VIII 1. English 2. Vernacular 3. Mathematics 4. Social Science 5. Science 6. Hindi 7. Computer (Optional/Additional) 8. Sanskrit (Optional/Additional)

Subject Combination for Part B:
  1. Art Eduction
  2. Work Education
  3. Physical Education
  4. Discipline
  5. Yoga (Optional/Additional)
  6. Attendance
Minimum System Requirements
  1. Windows 7 or greater
  2. i3-3110M, CPU @2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz or greater
  3. 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended)
  4. 32 bit Operating or 64 bit Operating System, x64-based processor
  5. 1024 x 768 screen resolution (1366 x 768 (recommended))
  6. About 5 MB hard disk space
  7. Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 (recommended), 2016 or higher version (out of anyone is compulsorily required)
  8. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Download link will appear after payment, also a download link with purchase invoice will delivered to your mailbox (Enter Valid Email ID correctly). Serial Number of the software, default User IDs and Passwords will be delivered to your mailbox after making a successful payment.

Note: 1. The software must be activated in order to use. Activation instructions are given in the software. 2. I have checked everything and tested the software. However, if any inadvertent error exists in the software, please inform me with the screenshot and error description. And the corrected copy will be delivered to you at free of cost. 3. If you have already installed its free version, then you just need to purchase the product and no need to install it again. But send your purchase details with Installation IDs to the developer. 4. The product is in zip folder, if you don't know to extract, use the link :

After making a purchase, your payment will not be refunded.

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