Simple Steps to Instamojo
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Simple Steps to Instamojo



It's an eBook that is a simple but practical guidelines to register on Instamojo. And how to make a product without investing a single coin and sell it online. The eBook is a guide for students, housewives, unemployed persons or those who want to start a business from home or in leisure time or on holidays. It's guaranteed that you can start receiving payment within a week.

  1. Product is in PDF, Medium: English, Size: A4, and total page: 23.
  2. Complete Tutorial is given for starting of your own Online business on Instamojo.
  3. Before you make a purchase, I want to tell you that you must be familiar with few things which are internet and basic computer applications, especially, Ms-word. You must have an android phone and a computer (optional) is required for Ms-Word but it can used in your phone also.
  4. You can start making money online from a rupee to lakhs with zero investment. It is guaranteed.
  5. Payment proof is given in the pdf.
  6. Once paid, your payment will not be refunded.
  7. Download link will appear after payment, also a download link with purchase invoice will delivered to your mailbox. (Enter Valid Email ID correctly)

Author Words

????May be you are hunting for online jobs and tried a lot but you are fade up with all those internet stuffs.????

????May be you are a student, who wants to make pocket money to support your education but you don't know what is a real thing that you can do. I recommend this eBook, which will be made for you. Assignments, Term Papers or Any Articles that you used for your college, why don't think to sell to your friends and other colleges? This is an era of learning and earning from the same things. Let me share a story to you.

????When I applied for D.El.Ed. through NIOS. You know, this course is not given for free of cost. I had to make some payments for admissions, exam fees, course fees, etc. When I was looking up for Tutorial Courses on YouTube but I found that the YouTubers are giving their tutorial for free. Simultaneously, all they are recommending to purchase the assignments from their sites. I have purchased some courses as well. One day, just for try, I started to sell the assignments which I have submitted to the study centre. Within two days, I got amazed that the assignment started selling without any paid advertisements. And I added more, increased more sales. Finally, I completed the D.El.Ed. course, which was supported by selling its assignments, articles, notes , etc.

????So, getting highest marks is not important in our life but we must know what we are learning for. So, I decided to share the ideas with you too.

????May be you are a housewife, you want to make some amount to support your school going children. You can be good at cooking, making any kind of food items, gardening, knitting, making beautiful decorating things, etc. Why don't you want to share it to others? Helping others is one of the ways of living in the world.

????May be you are an unemployed person, who is seeking for jobs since many days but you couldn't get your right job. Nobody gives you a single coin for making your living. I know, we can be helped by others when we are at hospital but when we are fit and fine, nobody makes our livelihood unless we give our service to them.

????May be you are a Coach, tutor, motivational speaker, teacher, who is already running home efficiently and smoothly. I know this eBook may not be right for you. However, I recommend the eBook to you. Do you know why? Everyone cannot be present on your classes. The classes that you are doing might be limited to a certain number of learners. If you could able to share your ideas to the world, you may save the life of many pupils. In this era, people are well educated but they don't Know why they are educated. It's like learning theory without practical. You know, we have good knowledge at what we have learned even though we are needy of other's help. It's like we are already taking sufficient air even though we need a fan to stir. We shouldn't be inconsiderate. Perhaps, you might be thinking why I'm charging for the eBook. Here, nobody pays important to whatever we give for free.

✅“Show it, do it, the world is yours.”

⚠Don't forget to share it.⚠


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